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Evelyn Trent papers, letters ,documents

June 30, 1957
Mr Robert C. North
Stanford University,
Dear Mr North

Your letter of June 28th received and I would like very much to read your book, which you are, kind enough to say you will send me and which I have wanted to read for some time, but our library facilities are limited here. If I can be of assistance to you in your projected study, I will do what is possible, within certain limitations. Perhaps I can tell better when I see the list of questions you say you are preparing. I have not seen the things you mention that have been written recently, and am rather curious to know what they are. Has anything been published recently which I might see? You must understand that I wish to remain completely in, the background as far as anything to be published is concerned, and would want my name with held. If you can respect this condition, I will be glad to impart to you whatever information I can that may be of help in your work, so long as you approach it from a sympathetic and understanding viewpoint, which I judge from your letter, is your attitude.
Sincerely yours,
June 30 1957

July 2, 1957
Dear Mrs. Jones:
Thank you for your kind letter. I am mailing the book, which I hope you will please keep. With this letter you will find enclosed a series of questions which may suggest the kind of material I am interested in. I assume that, in addition to the withholding of your name, you would want also a careful handling of Stanford details which might reveal almost as much. At the same time, this is, it seems to me, a fascinating and probably formative phase of Roy's life, and I would hope not to skip it altogether. Between us, we ought to be able to work out treatment which would protect you, bring Roy alive, and do no violence to the truth. Your experience as Fiction Editor has undoubtedly made you sensitive both to my problems and to the various techniques which might be used to serve our
The length of my questions may give you a start, and unfortunately, they are by no means exhaustive. I am not sure how we ought to manage the answering of them so that the burden to you will be minimal. Surely we ought to have a visit first of all, and then perhaps, you would like me to provide you with the use of Sound scriber entirely. I would prefer not to rely on a Sound scriber entirely, it being too mechanical, but if some such device would save you burden and strain for the mass of chronological detail, it might be worth try. However, as I suggested in my previous
letter, I am deeply interested in Roy as a human being, and recollections bearing on this should probably come directly from you to tie without mechanical intermediary. The chief derogatory publication I am aware of is a book by S. Tagore which was published in India and is not, to my knowledge, available in this country. I copies out a large part of it because, along with much vilification, it also had valuable information. Also„ I interviewed Tagore in Calcutta, and he elaborated upon his main charges. His chief charge was that Roy had, misappropriated party funds. This is a charge I have heard leveled at other Communist leaders by their enemies, and I am not interested in it--though I am interested in. knowing who opposed Roy and on what ideological or tactical grounds. Mrs. Ellen Roy was disturbed, however, because I had lent my notes to others who, she was afraid, might not be equally discriminating (my. notes from the Tagore book, that is). This loan did not violate any confidence, but I shall be very unhappy, none the less, if they are not used with common sense. I would like very much to pay a visit some afternoon soon at your convenience.

Sincerely yours
Robert C. North

Department of political science
College of arts and science
218 Harrison Hall Oxford, Ohio 45056
513 5292000

513 529 1709 Fax

January 17, 1995
Dr. N. Innaiah
17319 Buehler Road Olney,
MD 20832
Dear Dr. Innaiah

In response to your request for information about M. N. Roy and Evelyn Trent: It is over a decade since I have done any work with the Borodins. Consequently, my recollection about sources is very fuzzy. You might look at Survey, October 1964 pp 3-47, Carleton Beals, Glass houses: Ten years of Free lancing, Karl Schmitt, Communism in Mexico, R. Sorich, "Fragments in Biography of M. N. Roy" (Hoover Institution) Have you tried getting a copy of the Trent-Jones marriage license? It might give some information on previous marriages. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

Dan N.Jacobs

(Dan N. Jacobs mentioned in his book on "Borodin­Stalin's man" that Roy and Evelyn married in New York Prison. I asked him to give source for this statement)

Evelyn T. Jones page 10 Auburn Journal Auburn, Calif, Monday Nov. 23,1970 Obituaries A memorial service for Evelyn Trent Jones, 78, an Auburn resident since. 1909, were conducted Monday at the pioneer. Methodist Church. Mrs. Jones a native of Utah and the daughter of the late T.C.Trent, a gold mine operator in this area years. ago, died November 21 in the Auburn . Faith Hospital. She was a. graduate of Stanford University, a former news paper woman and a retired state social worker. A widow, she is survived by six nephews, Trent Meredith of Camarillo, Diven Merideth of Palm desert, Harold T. Power of Piedmont, Goodwin Trent jr. of Hawaii, John Trent of . Alaska and Francis Brown of Walnut Grove; and eight nieces, Marion Reese of Sacramento, Florence Brunkow of Spokane, Wash., Nina Jones of New York State, Mary Bou Martin of Idaho, Peggy Brown of Idaho, Mary Trent Frost of South Carolina, Meta Trent Harris of Los Angeles and Mary Trent of Palos Verdes. Inurnment was in the Auburn - District Cemetery. Schumacher's Colonial chapel handled the arrangements.
Collected by Innaiah Narisetti

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