Sunday, May 27, 2012

UNo is against blasphemy laws-welcome decision

At last UN is coming out with sane decision to oppose blasphemy laws. Hitherto all religions are using laws to put people in jail since they could not meet the criticism of holy books, religions, inhuman sayings of holy books, which were , after all written by men at some level. All blasphemy laws should be scrapped. Criticism should be open and religions should answer.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rare meeting of M N Roy- Rachakonda Viswanatha sastry

Rachakonda Viswatha sastry was revolutionary telugu writer from Visahhapatnam, India. He was born in 1922 and by his 16 th year he met M N.Roy in Vizac. Mr Abburi Ramakrishna rao, librarian and stage specialist in Andhra University at that time brought Roy to the university and introduced to vice chancellor Cattamanchi Ramalingareddy. Abbru Varadarajeswararao, son of Ramakrishnarao and Viswanatha sastry were friends and together they met Roy. They were students in A V N College, Vizac at that time. 
Since the meeting of Viswanatha sastry with M N Roy is important I was curious to know details. 
The brother of Viswanatha sastry Dr Narasimha Sarma who lives in Visakhapatnam traced the dairies and sent me the details. The dairies were written in Telugu and hence Narasasimha Sarma put it in English for me and sent me . 
I am giving that historical important information here:

Aug,19  Thursday 1937
We went to meet M.N.Roy today.  We were introduced as members
of the executive committee of Youth League.  He is very tall,
His  pronunciation is German.  His wife is an American.

Aug. 22  1937
M.N.Roy's lecture in the beach today.  It seems he said
that  Socialism is not appropriate for India at this time

27th August 1937 Friday
M.N.Roy presided over and delivered the "History Inaugural
address,  We had a photo and Tea party.  When we told
our Principal about our inviting M N Roy, he asked us whether
we were going to learn from him about making bombs..
Some one seems to have informed  M.N. Roy about this
comment by the Principal.  He spared no words in criticising the
Principal in his speech.

18th (month?)  Saturday  1937
Today he gave (me)  our photo taken with M.N.Roy.
It came out well.

19th Sunday July 1938

I began (reading) Letters to C S P.(M N ROY).
(He is)writing sensibly and logically.

23rd July 1938
I am thinking of subscribing to "Independent India".

24th Friday July 1938
I purchaseda a  copy of Independent India".today.  It contains
articles by M N Roy on"Rights and Responsibilities"
and "Mass Contact".

Friday the 3rd inst.1938  (I forgot to copy the month)
A  person called Spratt wrote an article in the Indian Review
in reply to  M.N.Roy and Tagore. and supporting Gandhiji.
It is an article worth reading.whom

29th August Monday 1938
A discussion took place today between Rajeswara Rao and
N.V.Rama Rao on M N Roy.  N.V.Rao does nor like M N Roy
.whom Rajeswara Rao  goes on prasing.  It seems that N V
Rama Rao is not a Congres Socialist or Royist or Gandhiist.
I am however a Gandhiist.

15th May 1941  ( I have to verify this date again)
Gndhism, Nationalism, Socialism by M.N. Roy.
I read this book.  He wrote it critically.  Some  subjects (aspects?)
have been clarified after my reading this book.


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

List of Innaiah Naarisetti`s writings, translations

Near complete list of books written by Innaiah Narisetti in English, Telugu and translations from English to Telugu are given in Google. They are reproduced in Radical Humanist monthly from India.