Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nanduri Rama Mohan Rao

Mr Nanduri Rama Mohan Rao ( 1927-2011) was journalist who popularised science for laypersons. He worked in Andhra Patrika daily, Andhra Jyothi daily and published articles, and books.
For long time he worked with Mr Narla Venkateswararao and emulated his editorial style. People at one time thought that Mr Narla Venkateswararao was writing, even though late Narla was taking rest in Hyderbad and only lent his name to the daily. At that time I happened to be the Bureau chief of Andhra Jyothi daily in Hyderabad.
Incidentally both Ramamohan Rao and myself were honored by American Telugu association in New York at their second conference  in 1992.
Innaiah Narisetti

Friday, September 2, 2011

Unique Radical Humanist Mr Narayana Musini

Unique Radical Humanist in Telengana

Under Nizam`s rule in former Hyderabad state no freedom is allowed to citizens until the formation of Andhra Pradesh in 1956.
While Radical Humanist movement was vigorously campaigned for human values in Andhra area, the neighboring Telengana area was denied all such golden opportunities.
At such critical juncture Mr Musini Narayana from Telangana came into contact with Radical Humanists in Andhra and particularly the writings of M.N.Roy. He was deeply impressed with Radical thought which he adopted his life mission.
Narayana Musini
Born ( 1929)in a weavers community family at Janampet, Mahaboob Nagar district, Andhra Pradesh.Narayana studied upto post graduation. His father Mr Sivaiah was Ayurveda practitioner while his mother Venkamma was simple house wife.
Mr Narayana joined government service in revenue department as Taslidar.
Simultaneously Narayana came in touch with Radical Humanist movement in Andhra and with the literature of Radical Humanism, especially the writings of M.N.Roy.
From the day he joined government duty, Narayana started propagating the ideas of Radical Humanism to villagers, teachers and students. He always carried latest issue of Radical Humanist magazine and monographs of Radical literature.
Narayana was mainly attracted to the ideas of decentralization, power to people, recall of elected representatives, education as power and so on.
Narayana took the help of school teachers to spread the Radical Humanist philosophy in a practical way.
Mr Narayana participated in several study camps, meetings, conferences of Radical Humanism held in Andhra area and thus came closer to Mr Avula Gopalakrishna Murthy, M.V.Ramamurthy, Mr Avula Sambasivarao Mr N. Innaiah and others.
While doing government duty, Mr Narayana encountered several hurdles for his straightforward approach and radical ideas.
Encounter with Jalagam Vengalarao
As Block development officer in Kallur, Khamma district where Mr Jalagam Vengalarao was powerful local congress leader, Mr Narayana was appreciated very much. But when personal favoritism came up, Vengalarao was angry  since Narayana did not favor any nepotism of Vengalarao. His brother Kondalarao was local leader who sought favour but Narayana did not support. As a result Narayana was shunted to a corner place in the state-Srikakulam district.
Facing Higher authorities:
Mr Nukala Ramachandra Reddy was revenue minister in Andhra Pradesh who appointed Mr Narayana for enquiry into land grabbing cases.  In due course Mr Narayana had to give notice to Mr M .T.Raju, who was then chief secretary of Andhra Pradesh. Instead of appreciating the approach of Narayana, again he was transferred !
Narayana did not budge.
He did service as Block development officer, as revenue officer; as special officer in Printing press in Kurnool; as training officer for village officers called patwaris and Patels; finally retired as special deputy collecter in Hyderabad revenue board.
While participating in Radical Humanist meetings, Narayana used to raise many doubts and put legitimate questions for clarification.He was friendly to poor and down trodden and helped them as far as possible.
He raised his children in secular way. His daughter Suvarna got married Mr Vijaya Kumar, bank officer. The marriage was performed in secular way where Mr N.Innaiah participated as special guest.
Narayana named his last son after M .N.Roy. Now Mr Manavendra lives in Vancouver, Canada.He married Konkini bride Vijaya in a secular way, had one daughter and also adopted one  helpless boy.Now he is into social service with the inspiration of his father
Narayana , his wife and family members
Mr Ravi Prakash, another son followed the foot steps of Narayana in developing the Junior college teachers association.He is now living in Atlanta , USA.Another daughter Sujatha married an engineer , lives in USA.
Dr Raghuramulu, the brother in law of Narayana retired from Nutrition labs in Hyderabad who followed the scientific approach of Mr Narayana. Mr Raghuramulu vigorously participated in secular training camps.
Narayan died in 2003 who  lived a simple but honest radical humanist life.
The speciality of Narayana is his raise as Radical Humanist in Telengana, which is historical and memorable.
Innaiah Narisetti

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My books in Google site

Several of my previous publications both in English and Telugu, also few Translations into Telugu like Richard Dawkins God Delusion are kept in the site of Google. I did not notice this until my friend C Bhaskararao brought to my notice.
Here is the link:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=770449b58f1c2dc6&biw=1680&bih=835