Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nanduri Rama Mohan Rao

Mr Nanduri Rama Mohan Rao ( 1927-2011) was journalist who popularised science for laypersons. He worked in Andhra Patrika daily, Andhra Jyothi daily and published articles, and books.
For long time he worked with Mr Narla Venkateswararao and emulated his editorial style. People at one time thought that Mr Narla Venkateswararao was writing, even though late Narla was taking rest in Hyderbad and only lent his name to the daily. At that time I happened to be the Bureau chief of Andhra Jyothi daily in Hyderabad.
Incidentally both Ramamohan Rao and myself were honored by American Telugu association in New York at their second conference  in 1992.
Innaiah Narisetti

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