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Humanists from India who visited USA and contributed

Humanists from India visited USA Research facts and information Several Humanists toured United States of America since days of first world war. It started with the adventurous steps of Manabendra Nath Roy (Narendranath Bhattacharya) in 1926 from Stanford University, San Francisco. At that Roy was militant nationalist was sought weapons from Germany to neck out Britishers from India. He met Dhan Gopal Mukerji in Stanford University who was a poet, friend of Jawaharlal Nehru . He welcomed M N Roy and for the first time suggested to use Manavendra Nath instead of Narendranath. M N Roy came into vogue from then onwards. Dhanagopal also introduced M N Roy to Evelyn Trent, the fresh graduate from the university. They liked each other which led to their marriage in the presence of Lala Lajpat Rai in New York. For few month they stayed in New york, met several revolutionaries from India, faced wrath of police. Finally M N Roy along with Evelyn escaped through train to Mexico. That was the first and last visit of M N Roy to USA. After the death of M N Roy in Dehra Dun in 1955 his second wife Ellen visited USA, met her brother and corresponded with the first wife of M N Roy. Another outstanding intellectual and follower of Radical Humanism prof Sib Narayan Roy visited USA as a part of his world tour to collect information about M N Roy and his contributions. Shib ray met professors visited libraries collected material, lectured in Stanford University. Sib Ray met the first wife of M N Roy and professors like North who knew M N Roy. Later the collected material on Roy was brought out by oxford press into four volumes. Samaren Roy from Kolkata, visited USA, contacted Bengali associations in USA and also collected rare material about M N Roy. Later he came out with writings like Restless Brahmin and life history of M N Roy A B Shah(Amritlal Bhikku Shah,from Gujarat state) from Bombay who founded secular society in India attended study camps of M N Roy in Dehradun and Kolkata , made thorough study of 22 thesis of Radical democracy. He wrote critical alternative for the thesis. A B Shah visited USA gave talks and made self experiments about the use and abuse of LSD. It was done similar to Aldous Huxley (details in Doors of perception). After taking the medicine his reactions and behaviour was recorded. All these scientific studies were conducted in USA. Then AB Shah worked in editorial board of Radical Humanist weekly. He also edited another intellectual magazine called The Humanist half yearly from Bombay on the model of Minerva of Edward Shils. Mr Tayyab Shaik( A.K.Hind) the close follower of M N Roy from Germany came to India in 1930s and published the first biography of M N Roy under the title: The man who looked ahead-M N Roy. The author`s name was published as A K Hind ( to avoid harassment from British police) M N Roy and radical humanists requested him to represent Radical democratic party in the founding conference of UNITED nations held at San Francisco in 1945. Tayyab presented the viewpoint of Radical democratic party that India needs not only independence but constituent assembly. From then on words Tayyab Shaik went into oblivion. Evelyn Trent the first wife of M N Roy not only travelled along with M N Roy in Europe, Soviet Union but founded the communist party of India in exile from Tashkent. She wrote several articles under the pen name:Shanti Devi. Many scholars from India and abroad approached her through Professor North for the role of Roy in Indian and foreign politics. Mr AGK (Avula Gopalakrishna Murthy) follower of M N Roy and radical humanism from Andhra was invited by state department of USA. Accordingly AGK visited America in 1963 and gave radio interview about humanism in Los Angeles during december 1963 (director Olinger recorded it). AGK met the brother of Allen Roy in New York and they remembered the events that led to the tragic end of Allen in Dehra Dun. AGK was invited by the editorial board of Washington post where he attended and briefed about journalistic trends in India. AGK addressed another meeting about journalism in India at Milwaukee library institute. AGK introduced the literature of children and secular writings of B V Narasimha Rao, Kondaveeti venkata kavi to school children in Ohio state. V M Tarkunde (Vimadlal Mahadev Tarkunde) visited during 1978 after the emergency in India and explained the situation to the world public and press in USA.He was judge in Bombay High court ,resigned to devote for radical humanist movement. Chandrakant Daru, the president and secretary of Indian Humanist association visited USA and educated the public about emergency in India as imposed by Indira Gandhi. Daru an outstanding lawyer in India spread the thought of M N Roy and humanism. He died in USA with lung cancer. Ms Indumati Parekh, the president of Indian Radical Humanist association visited USA and conducted study conferences in Washington about women's education, decentralization, radical democracy and thought of M N ROy. I participated in those seminars in Washington during her tour. Mr Premnath Bazaz follower of M N Roy was one of the earliest visitor to USA who toured extensively and delivered lectures about Kashmir situation. He was very popular among Kashmiris in USA. His book: The historical role of Bhagavad Gita and studies in Secularism were quite popular in USA.I met him in India in the radical humanist conference at Hyderabad during 1972, introduced him to famous journalist humanist V R Narla ( the author of The truth about Bhagavad gita). Dr Gauri Malik, (daughter of Premnath Bazaz) was frequent visitor to USA. She did great service in humanist organization. During his visit in USA I introduced her to the president of American Humanist association Mr Edd Doerr. Gouri died in USA. Jayant Patel, the president of Indian Radical Humanist association visited USA and spread the thought of humanism and M N Roy.He hails from Gujarat state Mr B D Sarma, the president of Indian renaissance association visited USA and in his own way introduced M N Roy`s renaissance ideas to the public.He was lawyer in supreme court of India. Tarka Teerth Laxman Sastri Joshi from Wai in Maharastra visited USA and addressed the Marathi literary conference in New York. His book Critique of Hinduism was translated by G D Parekh, quite popular in USA. J B H Wadia the radical film producer visited USA and through him film world knew M N Roy and humanism. Wadia introduced Nadia into films and the stunt movies were immensely popular. Wadia published his memoirs with M N Roy. During his visit to Bombay Roy used to stay with J B H Wadia. R.M Pal who was quite close to M N Roy during his last days in Dehra Dun visited USA and Canada, delivered talks on human rights, civil liberties.He was principal of college in Delhi.He died in Bombay 2016. Justice R.A.Jahagirdar, president of Indian radical Humanist association visited USA and spread the secular thought of M N Roy.He was judge in Bombay High court. Justice Avula Sambasiva Rao visited USA and spread the humanist thought in America. Mr V R Narla, (Narla Venkateswara rao) parliamentarian visited several times and toured museums, libraries, met intellectuals where he discussed about humanism and Roy in USA.His book The Truth about Gita was published by Prometheus books in USA with introduction of Innaiah Narisetti. Mr M V Sastri( Mulukutla Venkat) from Andhra was the earliest legislator who invited M N Roy to Andhra and introduced to Telugu people. He visited USA addressed meetings in Seattle, Chicago, New York addressed journalists, and students about M N Roy and Humanism. This happened during 1963.Mr Sastri was legislator in Andhra Pradesh legislative council. Mr Alapati Ravindranath from Andhra visited USA and studied outstanding journals, collected lot of material. He was pioneer of Telugu journal Jyothi,fortnightly from Tenali in which he introduced M N Roy, Ellen roy. Later he spread the thought through Misimi monthly. Bipin Shroff from Ahmedabad visited USA where he met the evolutionary scientist Richard Dawkins and participated in humanist meetings, discussions. He introduced M N Roy`s humanism in some study circles in USA.He conducted several study camps and edited journal in Gujarati. Mr G R R Babu visited USA few times as executive of International Humanist union . Then he met Mr Edd Doerr, president of American Humanist association,and Mr Kenneth Marsalek, president of Washington humanist secular society. He delivered few speeches in Baltimore, Buffalo etc. Along with Mr Innaiah Narisetti he toured few places and met humanists in USA. Mr Gogineni Babu toured USA in 2016 as founder of south asian humanist society, addressed meetings, enthused few software engineers, conducted study classes for students. Dr Innaiah Narisetti and his wife Komala Venigalla started visiting USA since 1992, met innumerable humanists, established contacts with humanists in India. He also founded the center for Inquiry Indian chapter . He addressed several meetings in Buffalo, New York, Rochester, Baltimore, Maryland, Tampa, Detroit. Along with Mr Lavanam and Umesh Patri he addressed humanist conference in Detroit .Conducted talks in center for inquiry, Buffalo, Washington, New York. The American A Contributed by Innaiah Narisetti Atheist association recorded his interview conducted by the president Ms Johnson and Ron Barrier. His books were published by Prometheus books in USA. M N Roy and Radical Humanism was compiled and edited by Innaiah was brought out by Prometheus books with the encouragement of Paul Kurtz. He participated in the international conferences at Washington and Buffalo. He met and talked with Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Paul Kurtz, Margaret Downey, Richard Dawkins, Ibn Warraq, Taslima Nasrin, Michael Shermer, Tom Flynn, Toni Pelt.They participated in the meetings organised by Warren Allen Smith in New York. He worked with Toni Pelt, Norm Allen, and periyar association in USA. Associated with Humanist association, freedom from religion and center for inquiry. Narisetti Innaiah met Prof Robert North and his wife Dorothy in Stanford university. They revealed few things about M N Roy whom they may in Dehra Dun. Innaiah presented his research papers to Stanford University about Evelyn Trent, the first wife of M N Roy. Innaiah Narisetti from USA +