I  thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, as any one should, who is interested
in understanding the lives of eminent people, with all their virtues
and weaknesses.
There was not a dull moment as I read through the book, and every line
was lively.
I am surprised at your prodigious memory.    Even if you took help
from your diary
it is not possible to present  the  details so vividly. Your terse and
racy style seem to
be perfectly suited to the subject

The frankness of your presentation is to be admired, although the subjects
themselves and  their  friends and relatives may not appreciate the same
As a journalist you have done your duty, and if some Gods(or in this
have clay feet, it is not your fault.  Some people might prefer to
live in an illusion
rather than face reality..  The biograoher can at best soften,mollify
or mitigate
the harshness of the impact but not conceal or deny the truth.

I may have more to say  about your book after  I shall have read it a
second time
.In the meanwhile please accept my congratulations on your authorship
of highy readable, interesting and revealing book, which perhaps fills  a lacuna
in the literature on this subject.

Thanking you and with kind regards,

Narasimha Sarma