Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interview by Atheist leaders
American atheist leaders interviewed me in Staton Iland studio, New York on situation in Indian humanist, atheist, rationalist movement and trends in religious revivalism and mother Teresa.
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Innaiah Narisetti

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rare Humanist Koganti Subrahmanyam

During 1950s when Radical Humanist movement was facing difficulty in running regional journals, Mr Koganti Subrahmanyam came to the rescue in Andhra Pradesh, India.
Koganti was simple school educated peasant who was president of village panchayat for 6 years in Kuchipudi village near Tenali, Andhra Pradesh India.
M N Roy the pioneer of Radical Humanist movement died early Jan 1955. There was sudden vacume but his intellectual wife Ellen filled the gap and took responsibility of running Radical Humanist journal in English. 
In Tenali telugu fortnightly journal Radical Humanist faced financial crisis. At that critical juncture Mr Koganti Subrahmanyam jumped in and took the responsibility of running the journal. He was desciplined radical humanist who translated some articles of Roy into Telugu. He was well trained in radical humanist thought. 
But during 1970s he had to migrate to Khammam area for livelihood.He died in early 1970s.