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Evelyn Trent




Stanford, California
June 28,1957

Dear Mrs.Jones

In 1950 it was my good fortune to .visit Mr M. N. Roy in Dehra Dun, and at that time I became enormously interested in his life. I was preparing a manuscript on Soviet relations with China, which was later published under the title MOSCOW AND CHINESE COMMUNISTS, and inevitably Roy figured in my writing. Now, at the suggestion of Mrs. Ellen Roy, I am writing you for further advice and help. Recently I began a rather ambitious study which I hope will lead to a biography of Roy. In this new work my interest includes the man as a personality and as a creative thinker, and Mrs. Ellen Roy, who is unhappy about certain things that have been written about him recently, urged me to seek your help. Under separate cover, I am sending you a copy of MOSCOW AND CHINESE COMMUNISTS. In this book, however, my treatment is not much more than two dimensional. Some years back, before I had met Roy, I wrote a novel REVOLT IN SAN MARCOS and since then it EVELYN ALIAS SHANTI DEVI 50 has of  ten occurred to me that my leading character, a Latin American, is in many respects similar to Roy. In any case, my approach is warmly sympathetic, and I am anxious, above all, to try to bring back to life the man who was so generous to me in Dehra Dun in 1950.
It occurs to me, also, that you may well have strong sensibilities in the matter, and I want above all to tread gently. At the same time, Roy was far too important to be ignored or distorted for posterity, and I feel strongly that it would, be an enormous and tragic loss if the people who were close to him were to guard too closely the events and shaping influences in his life. Because of my close associations with Stanford, I doubly interested in the phases of Roy's career which you alone can bring to life. I would like, therefore, to submit beforehand a list of questions, so that you can sense the problems facing me, and then, perhaps, we could discuss them at some time suitable for you.

Sincerely yours,
Robert C North
Research Associate

Please rest assured that I shall respect your confidence in every regard.

Mr Robert C. North
Stanford University, Calif
this research work was done in USA by Innaiah Narisetti

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