Sunday, December 26, 2010

Premanand the great rationalist magician

Lto R Innaiah, Premanand, Dr P M Bhargava in Hyderabad Rationalist meet

Basava Premanand traveled in India and in many other countries in the world.
He conducted training classes in India. He exposed the fraud taking place
through “Babas and Mathajis” by their mesmerism and magical skills. He brought
into open the cheating and anarchy of right from Sai Baba to many others. A
documentary book by name ‘Murders in Sai Baba’s Ashram’ was brought out.
Another book was written scientifically explaining with examples, the what and
How of the tricks of magic. He arranged a science exhibition at his residence in
Podanur near Coimbatore. When the religious parties tried to destroy a science
exhibition Dr.P.M. Bhargava conducted, Premanand came to rescue and organized
that at his place.
He ran a monthly called ‘Indian Skeptic’ through which he brought up to date
world news.
The literature he gave us is a treasure.
As Abraham Kovur in the past, Premanand too served in rationalist
He is 80 years old. He reached the final stage of Cancer which he had been
enduring for some time now. He wrote an idyllic Will for the future generations
and wanted his body to be donated to the Medical College on his death.
Premanand died in 2009.
When he toured in USA we were in touch. He addressed demonstration meetings in Center for Inquiry, Amherest, Buffalo. New York state, USA. He also met Mr James Randi , who appreciates him

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