Sunday, December 5, 2010

Institute of Science and Human Values

Institute of Science and Human Values is new organization founded by Prof Paul Kurtz. The chairman of the Institute is Dr Stuart Jordan, retired astronomer scientist from NASA.Ms Toni Pelt is the chief organiser and Mr Jack is the webdesigner.
Several organizations from India and other countries have already expressed their willingness to affiliate with the institute.
The Institute will bring out quarterly journal from Jan 2011 and develop website of ISHV.
The first meeting of the Institute was held in Washington DC on 2, 3, 4 Dec 2010 where I participated along with two persons from periyar association namely Dr Sam Ilangovan, and Prof Arasu Chellaiah.
The Institute will hold its first conference on 20 May 2011 in Tampa, Florida, USA with the topic: How to teach moral education to the children.
Here are some pictures with Paul Kurtz, Dr Stuart Jordan, Ms Toni Pelt, Mr Nathan Bupp, Mr Jack Pelt, Dr Sam Ilangovan .
Toni Pelt
Innaiah Narisetti with Prof Paul Kurtz
Mr Nathan Bupp, public Relations for ISHV

Ms Toni Pelt, chief organiser and Dr N.Innaiah

Mr Jack Pelt ,Web incharge

Dr Stuart Jordan President of ISHV and Dr N Innaiah

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