Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Books of M N Roy in website

All books of M N Roy are now available in website. Please circulate this valueble information and utilise.
Innaiah Narisetti

Here are 8 more books of M.N. Roy on the following RH Web portal now for you to download and read directly on your Computers.

They are:

'Revolution and Counter-Revolution in China', 

'Science and Philosophy', 


'India's Message: Fragments of a Prisoner's Diary',

'Materialism', '

'M.N. Roy: Philosopher Revolutionary', 

'Reason, Romanticism and Revolution' Volume I 

'Reason, Romanticism and Revolution' Volume II 

You may also download the following earlier uploaded books of Roy from this website:

'New Orientation',

'New Humanism', 

The Russian Revolution and the Tragedy of Communism',

'Politics, Power & Parties' 

'Men I Met'

'Historical Role of Islam' and 

'From the Communist Manifesto to Radical Humanism'.

You will be able to read the entire collection of Roy's books on the RH Portal soon.

It is gradually being uploaded there.

Happy reading of the above mentioned books till then!!!

With kind regards.

rekha saraswat

editor, The Radical Humanist
editor & administrator,

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