Monday, October 24, 2011

Agehananda Bharati`s rare lecture on philosophy

Here is the M N Roy centenary memorial lecture by late Agehananda Bharati( died in 1990) at Ambedkar open university, Hyderabad India during 1987.See the link:

Agehananda Bharati was Austrain turned in to Indian monk and later under the influence of Humanist philosopher M N Roy turned as Rational thinker. He taught cultural anthropology in Syracuse university, USA.Toured and lectured Far East, Asia, Europe. Contributed several articles and written his autobiography under the title: Ochre Robe.
It was banned in India but later expanded American edition cameout.
At the invitation of me he delivered two talks in Hyderabad and we could trace one. Rekha Saraswat , editor of Radical Humanist magazine put the lecture in utube video.
This is first time to come out in that format.
Innaiah Narisetti

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