Sunday, August 7, 2011

Suffering of Native Indian Women in India under fanatic Hindus

Repeated news of rapes and naked parade of Native Indian continue in India even after 64 years of independence. This is most unfortunate development for democracy. This can be view from various aspects: a) Retaliation of Brahmanic society against the rise of native Indians so called Schedule Castes and tribes; b) poor status of women in general; c) consequence of Indianized democracy; and other social and religious development. In a report published in the Times of India on 3rd August 2011, page 13 "Dalit Girl set ablaze for resisting rape". A class XII student on Johri Village of Sitapur about 90 Km from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh was attempted to be raped by two youths which she resist led to put her on fire. I can recall Manusmriti
"Uttaman Sevamanustu Jaghanyo Vadharhemati, Shulkan Dadyatsevaman: Samamichhetpita Yadi"
means if lower caste girl had sexual intercourse with upper caste male then she should not be punished. If upper caste girl had sexual intercourse with lower caste male then male should be killed (Manusmiriti 366).
"Sudra tu karyehansya Kritamkritamav Va, Dasyayaiv hi srashtosou Brahmasya swayambhuva (Manusmiriti 413) and "Na swamina Nisrashtopi Sudro Dasyadwimuchyate, Nisharganj hi Tatsya Kastasmatadpahati" (Manusmriti 414)
means Sudra (lower caste) servant should always serve Brahmin because Brahma (Creator) has created him for this work. Even Brahmin wish that Sudra should be released from his service he can not do so because it is his inherited god given work. According to Manusmriti 417 and 418, all property of sudra (lower caste) can be taken away by brahmin because sudra is not entitled for property and no property belongs to him/her.
This is what youths are learning from these rotten sacred scripts that how a Native girl can deny anything to them because she is their property and they can used it and no punishment can be given to them.
Many people will say, " now a days no body believes in Manusmriti or Ramayana or Mahabharata", but in reality they know themselves follow these principles. Everyday each native is suffering humiliation and psychological torture. There is no forum where statistics of torture on them and discrimination against them can be published. To prove that such discrimination exists in most advanced society in India I would like to reproduce another news report from the Times of India on 7th August 2011 on page 19 Delhi edition. Shobhan Saxena very nicely presented the agony and suffering of Medical Students and faculty belongs to Schedule Caste community in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, a premier medical institute situated in the heart of capital of India and few kilometer away from Parliament where everyday dozen of members of parliament and legislative visit for diagnosis and treatment their illness.
India needs to be reformed mentally, socially and spiritually. Physical and economical development would not help. Money never helps to change people rather it destroy empathy, love and relationship. Again people will not agree to me. But I can produce many examples where in spite of successful in business, politics and having gain huge material property they suffered and society continue to discriminate them. The AIIMS is best example for this. Present Government in Uttar Pradesh is another example. Mr. MK Gandhi (Mahatama Gandhi) was propagator of Verna vavastha (Caste System). Gandhi was promoted in each corner of India and abroad which helps in sustaining Caste system and Manuwad in the world. Out women and native Indian will continue to suffer till will reject sacred books, customs and people who support them.

This was posted by Dr Jugal Kishore
Director, Center for Inquiry, India in Delhi

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