Monday, January 3, 2011


Samaren Roy

I met Samaren roy in Kolkata during 2005 along with my friend Mr Isanaka
Muralidhar. Mr Samaren was pretty aged by that time. He welcomed me heartily to his
residence and entertained with snacks.

Samaren was in correspondence with me since long time.
He worked in American consul office in Kolkata and retired during early 1950s.
He was always interested in M N Roy and did lot of research about Roy‘s early
phase. Then he published couple of books on Roy as communist and then Roy as
Samaren claimed that M N Roy was the first communist in India. It was Roy who
founded communist party of India in exile from Tashkent in early 1920s.
Samaren also called Roy as restless brahmin~!

When I published research biography of Evelyn Trent, the first wife of M N
Roy, then Samaren was fascinated towards my work and requested for copy. I sent
one to him. I was critical of Roy‘s attitude towards his first wife. Roy divorced him
mercilessly from Europe in 1925. Till then Evelyn played major role in his life.
Regarding birth dates of M N Roy there was difference of opinion between Sib
Chat with Samaren in his house in Kolkata
Samaren travelled frequently to USA and established cultural contacts with Bengali associations in Dallas, Teas state.
He told me several interesting facts about M N Roy.
I was fortunte that I could meet him . Later during 2007 he expired. I am glad that
I could preserve the picture with him.

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